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This is the fixed tenured investment, which offers a good return on your investment, because we match our funds with good investment outlet. This product is backed by a duly executed promissory note that is binding, which makes the investment highly secured. This product is highly beneficial to all sectors such as insurance companies, Cooperative Societies, individuals, schools etc.


This is another investment similar in features with the lease borrowing note. The returns on this note is computed on a reducing balance basis like the LIN but the major differences as the name implies is that this investment is not asset backed like the Lease investment Note, instead the investment is secured with a credit Bond issued by a reputable insurance company.


This product provides an investor with the opportunity to finance a laudable lease transaction and reap a return higher than that, which readily prevails in the market. The returns on this investment is computed on a reducing balance basis and this implies that the investor starts to get his investment repayments as well as his interest from the end of the first month of his investment and this continues to the end of investment tenor. This investment option is also a better secured option as the investor has the liberty to choose the particular asset in which he desires to invest and helps to improve the investor’s cash flow.


The project Target Plan is an instrument designed to provide funding for a particular project or event. This will enable you invest your funds in continuous periodic placement in order to execute a targeted plan. The product is attractive in rate and the overall plan is structured to match the time when fund will be required.


This is another target plan aimed at building investment that provides deferred returns, but this is to meet the future educational needs of the invest offspring’s

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